Case Studies

Pet Allergy Week 2016 – Harvey MacKay Case Study

Harvey 3 CircleHarvey suffered from repeated bouts of otitis externa, with occasional mild dermatitis and pruritus since January 2016. He was on Prednisolone treatment that helped to control the inflammation in his ears however, his owner didn’t want him to be on the steroids long term. Therefore Harvey’s blood was sent to Avacta Animal Health for a Complete Plus allergy test during PAW in June 2016. By using the results from SENSITEST Harvey started on immunotherapy and his diet was adjusted.

Click HERE to read the full story on Harvey’s PAW success story.


New case study – Tizer the horse

Tizer well 3Tizer, an ex-race horse, had erupted in severe hives. A long-acting steroid gave relief, but once it had worn off the hives returned. As part of an elimination process for finding out what was causing the hives, a SENSITEST allergy test was conducted.

Click HERE to read the full story and how SENSITEST helped Tizer                                       become hive free.

Case study – LOL the cat

montage_LOLRead how LOL, an 8 month old European short haired kitten who was being treated for generalised pruritus with severe lesions, benefited from a Feli-DIAL® test. This unique test assists in the selection of veterinary prescribed diet for an elimination dietary trial, as it detects the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic proteins contained various veterinary prescribed diets alongside the animal’s existing diet. To read more on LOL’s story click HERE

NEW CASE STUDY – Tripod the cat

Tipod circleTripod Howe, a domestic short haired cat, suffered a great deal with pruritus, over grooming, nibbling, alopecia and scabs on her face. But it wasn’t until her owners carried out a SENSITEST Food Allergy Test, that they discovered what a change in diet can really do. To read more on Tripod click HERE

CASE STUDY Taegan the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

TaeganTaegan suffered with severe itching, pruritic and inflamed inter-digital areas, alopecia and chewing of the feet, resulting in noticeable and visible areas of discomfort. A good parasite treatment was used to try and rule out any parasite infections. Taegan however did not improve and so bloods were taken for a SENSITEST allergy test.

To read more on how Taegan was treated and the results CLICK HERE

Case Study on Lola the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

LolaRead the case study of Lola, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who from a young age has suffered with uncomfortable symptoms such as alopecia, itching, pruritus,pyoderma and otitis externa.

How did Lola respond after a SENSITEST complete allergy test? Find out more about Lola’s story HERE

Case Study on Finn the Labrador

FinnRead our case study on 1 year old Finn, the Labrador who suffered with pruritus, self-trauma and otitis externa. Finn’s symptoms were first suspected as malassezia or superficial pyoderma, but due to the poor response to treatment, a skin biopsy was conducted and blood was taken for a SENSITEST allergy test.

Find out how Finn got on after his SENSITEST allergy test HERE

Case Study on Cheese the Cat

CheeseRead our new case study on Cheese the cat, a 16 year old domestic short hair, who unfortunately suffered with an itchy face, alopecia the around eyes and vomiting issues.

Read Cheese’s full case study HERE.

Case Study on Daisy the Boxer

Daisy Gray3 year old Boxer, Daisy, had a 12-15 month history of worsening pruritus and superficial pyoderma affecting the ventrum, feet and chin. Daisy was very miserable with this and the owners were quite despondent about Daisy’s future.

Read Daisy’s full case study HERE