Case Studies

Case Study on Josie the Hungarian Vizsla

JosieJosie Smith was presented to Jessica Harvey at Clarendon House in 2010 with thinned hair around the neck, pustules and pruritus. After an extensive work-up, Staph Pseudintermedius was identified and treated with the Staph Phage Lysate (SPL). Read her story HERE

Case Study on Ruby the black labrador

RubyRuby Stanfield was suffering with continual diarrhoea. In order to establish the cause of the gastrointestinal disease, and after nothing showed in the routine faecals, her vet sent a serum sample for a SENSITEST food allergy analysis. Hear her story HERE

Case study on Henry the Schnauzer

Henry MHenry Minchin was a regular visitor to his vet surgery and had a history of otitis, dermatitis and severe recurring pododermatitis. Read how a SENSITEST helped him and his owner Jackie establish and deal with his food hypersensitivities.

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Case study on Megan The Springer Spaniel

Megan MellowsA study on Megan, the Springer Spaniel who suffered with chronic pruritus, including chewing various areas of her body, ventrum and axillae (armpits). She had scabs and sores down her back, inflamed ears and had recently developed pyoderma.

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