Christmas opening hours

Avacta Animal Health over the Christmas period will be closed for the national bank holidays. The Customer Services department and laboratory will be open for the normal working days between Christmas and New Year from 09.00 – 16.00. All canine Lymphoma Blood Tests and Acute Phase Protein tests will be run as normal during working days.
Full working hours will resume on Monday 4th January.

May we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year from all the team at Avacta Animal Health.

Avacta Animal Health Autumn Newsletter

The Avacta Animal Health Autumn newsletter is now available!

Read all our latest news including our attendance at this year’s London Vet Show!
Read about the Natural VetCare veterinary exclusive nutraceutical range, a range of premium supplements for cats and dogs to support skin problems, joint wear and age related conditions. PLUS in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics, the launch of CYNO-DIAL® and FELI-DIAL®; an innovative, unique test that assists in the selection of a veterinary prescribed diet.

Avacta Animal Health Autumn Newsletter

Innovative new test to transform UK pet allergy treatment

A unique and innovative new test set to transform pet allergy treatment in the UK has been unveiled by Avacta Animal Health in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics (France).

CYNO-DIAL® (dog test) and FELI-DIAL® (cat test) will dramatically reduce the time needed to help vets prescribe the most appropriate diets for an elimination trial, says Avacta, the team responsible for bringing the test to the UK.

The next step after Avacta’s SENSITEST® food allergy test, Cyno/Feli-Dial detects the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic proteins contained in the various veterinary prescribed diets tested, alongside the animals’ existing diet.

Requiring only a simple blood sample, the test allows veterinary teams to take a more precise approach, saving valuable time for the pet, the owner and the veterinary team involved.

The comparative analysis uses a Western blot technique that has been proven to be highly reliable and specific, based on 10 years of expertise in immunoallergology. Sample proteins are extracted, separated on a gel according to their molecular weight and then transferred to a membrane (blot), which is then incubated in the presence of serum. When raised levels of antibodies against these proteins are present, they bind to the corresponding protein and a specific band appears on the membrane.

Avacta Animal Health’s commercial manager, Hayley Booth, explained:

“Within just 15 days vets will receive precise recommendations on which diets will be tolerated by the pet and those results will clearly state which of the foods are ‘highly’, ‘low’ or ‘not sensitised’, therefore determining the most appropriate veterinary prescribed diet to favour during the elimination diet.”

She added: “Being able to offer this innovative and unique test that helps the vet advise which is the most suitable veterinary diet, will be hugely helpful for an elimination dietary trial, thus saving valuable time for both the pet and owner.”

The test assesses the following veterinary prescribed diets:

CYNO-DIAL® (Dog test)

  • Royal Canin Anallergenic
  • Hills Prescription Diet z/d
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Virbac Dermal Dog (duck and cassava)
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis FP (fish and potato)
  • Purina HA
    FELI-DIAL® (Cat test)

  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic
  • Purina HA
  • Hills z/d Low-Allergen
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis LB (lamb and barley)
  • Hills Science Plan Sensitive Skin

    “Not only does Cyno-Dial and Feli-Dial significantly reduce the length of food trials and dietary history methods, they provide vets with a better chance of reducing the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis and an adverse food reaction, preventing the risk of aggravating further occurrences,” explained Hayley.

    She added: “The SENSITEST® food allergy test and Cyno/Feli-Dial, provide the perfect partnership in identifying and managing food allergy, both for the identification of specific problem foods, the selection of veterinary prescribed diets for a dietary trial and long-term management.”

    “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics. We get a lot of queries following the SENSITEST® Food Test results, asking what the next steps should be.”

    “There hasn’t been anything like this available to vets in this country, so we are really excited that Cyno-Dial and Feli-Dial are exclusive to Avacta in the UK.”

    Vets will receive a submission form following a SENSITEST® food allergy test or they can contact Avacta’s Customer Services team to request one.

    On the submission form, vets are able to select up to four foods for assessment alongside the animals’ current diet.

    Vets will also need to include a 10-15g sample of the animal’s current food, along with the form and animals’ serum in a SENSITEST® submission box. This will be sent to Avacta Animal Health using a freepost envelope provided.

    For more information, visit the website, email or call 0800 8494 550.

    Customer satisfaction survey

    Customer satisfaction survey

    As part of our on going commitment to continually review and improve our service, we would appreciate if you would spare a few minutes and take part in our customer survey.

    The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes and for every completed survey we receive, you’ll be entered into our monthly prize draw to win a Canine Complete allergy test!

    To take part in the survey, please CLICK HERE

    ‘Researchers seek plant allergy info’ – Avacta in Veterinary Times

    Avacta Animal Health had an article featured in the August 24th issue of Veterinary Times, with the title ‘Researchers seek plant allergy info’.

    The article highlighted that we at Avacta Animal Health are encouraging vets to help an investigation into the native species of plant allergens affecting the nation’s pets. Here at Avacta Animal Health, we have been looking into allergic reactions to British plants during the summer and asking vets to add to the data.

    Our data historically shows an increase in environmental testing over June to August, with a 133 percent increase in 2010. But the seasonal peak has diminished, with submissions maintaining levels from March to November. Numbers of environmental allergen testing requests over the year do not seem to be in decline, though the seasonality of pets experiencing allergic reactions seems to be shifting. The article continued, explaining that test results show high levels of reactivity to many grass, tree and weed pollens, but based on data between April and July this year, species such as alder and horse chestnut trees and weeds such as daisy and dandelion, showed reactivity levels up to 10 per cent.

    The article continued to explain that by working with the profession, it’s hoped the new and existing data can be analysed together to create a more accurate picture of seasonal changes, geographical pockets and moving statistical trends.
    Janice Hogg, our senior veterinary director, said:

    “We are aware of the impact of milder/wetter winters and cooler springs and the effect this can have, but we do seem to be seeing some changing trends in native species allergens and we would love to work with the wider profession in tracking and monitoring this for everyone’s benefit. We are also aware not all allergy test providers look at indigenous species of plants and insects, yet our data shows the observed frequency for these UK-specific allergens is relatively high and should be incorporated when looking at the management of allergies.”

    We are asking vets to get in touch with details of any changes they may be observing in the seasonality of allergens affecting pets they see.
    To add your data, please email us at

    Avacta Animal Health Staff Dog Walk!

    Avacta Animal Health’s staff dog walk 2015!

    The Avacta Animal Health team with their dogs

    The Avacta Animal Health team with their dogs

    We had a great time taking all our dogs for a walk on a beautiful summers evening in and around Wetherby!
    Dogs Ralph, Dougal, Zebedee and Buster had a great time running around, chasing each other, enjoying the wildlife and in some cases…the mud!

    Ralph enjoying the mud

    Ralph enjoying the mud

    The dogs making friends

    The dogs making friends

    a tired Zebedee after all the fun!

    a tired Zebedee after all the fun!

    PAW on Vets Online!

    Pet Allergy Week continues to promote allergy awareness!

    Vets Online promoted the extended discount period due to the volume of practices taking part, stating “Inaugural allergy campaign exceeds expectations”.

    Practices were also encouraged to still take part in PAW, despite the official awareness week being the 8th – 14th June.

    “Practices that took part in the first ever Pet Allergy Week are being encouraged to keep sending in their PAW allergy tests, thanks to the overwhelming success of the campaign.”

    Read the full article here – Vets Online – PAW Campaign exceeds expectations

    Practices highlight the importance of allergy testing in Your Cat magazine

    In an article featured in Your Cat magazine, vets have been speaking out about the importance of allergy testing and the need for pet owners to understand more about symptoms to look out for, so allergies might be identified earlier. Tom Beeston, of Alba Vets in Dunfermline and Dr Kirsten Pantenburg, of Aireworth Vets in West Yorkshire, share their thoughts on how a lack of awareness and understanding of animal allergies can prove frustrating for veterinary teams, especially in conveying to pet owners the importance of dealing with the underlying cause of allergy, rather than just treating the symptoms.

    Read the full article here:

    BSAVA £250 Red Letter Days Prize draw winner!

    Congratulations to Mr Stephen Kirby of Ashlands Vets!

    Stephen Kirby - BSAVA red letter days winnerMr Stephen Kirby of Ashlands Vets, Glusburn, won Avacta Animal Health’s BSAVA prize draw of a £250 Red Letter Days gift voucher!

    We look forward to hearing about your experience!