Pet Allergy Week article in Your Cat Magazine

Avacta Animal Health’s Pet Allergy Week (PAW 8th- 14th June, 2015) is just around the corner!
With PAW raising awareness all over the nation, Pet Allergy Week is in Your Cat Magazine, with a great article on why it is so important for veterinary practices and pet owners alike to be aware of dogs and cats with allergies.

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Chanquette, the Horse with Allergies Mentioned on BBC Radio 2!

The recent national coverage of an Avacta Animal Health horse case study, Chanquette, the horse with allergies who has to take special previsions to avoid being exposed to a number of allergens, has resulted in a mention on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2!

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, airing 6.30 – 9.30 Monday – Friday, had its annual ‘Not Got Post-Bank Holiday Blues’ show, which aired on Tuesday 5th May 2015. In Mr Evans’ usual morning summary of the headlines, Chanquette was mentioned, having appeared in 6 different newspapers on the 5th May 2015. To his surprise, Mr Evans said:

“There’s a horse that’s allergic to grass! There you go! The Andalusian horse also tested positive for allergies to barley and rye. This horse has got hay-fever! That can’t be easy for a horse can it? Horsey, Horsey – I have 6 allergies to pollen but I’m also allergic to horses, so we really wouldn’t get on together!”

Although most people are now aware of allergies affecting cats and dogs, horses with allergies still remains quite an usual matter of fact. The recent coverage will hopefully help with the awareness of horse allergies and raise the profile of this test being available through Avacta Animal Health.

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Avacta Animal Health Horse Allergy Coverage in National Papers!

Chanquette the horse from Stillington, North Yorkshire, has been featured in various national newspapers for her fascinating results she received from an Avacta Animal Health SENSITEST horse allergy test.

The 10-year old horse was found to be allergic to various environmental and food allergens, such as grass, oats, rye and dust mites; allergens most horses are exposed to daily.

Station House Vets in North Yorkshire recommended the test to Chanquette’s owner, after the horse showed symptoms such as sneezing and skin problems.

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Coverage can also be found in The Daily Express, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Sun.

Avacta Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2015

Avacta Animal Health’s Spring/Summer newsletter is now available!

View the newsletter here, where you can find out how to sign up and join Pet Allergy Week! Also, read about Jasper who is back to his fun, adventurous self thanks to Avacta’s SENSITEST Food Allergy Test!
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NEW – Feline Environmental Screen

Allergy - presenting signs felineFollowing the successful introduction of the canine environmental screen, Avacta Animal Health are delighted to announce the introduction of a feline environmental screen test.

The test provides a cost effective solution to identifying environmental allergies in feline pruritus. The test uses the same ELISA technology as our existing allergy test ranges.

You will receive a positive/negative result to four mixed allergy panels (weeds, trees, grasses, and household allergens). This will then allow the elimination of negative results and the opportunity to expand and investigate any positive panels. This provides an economic method of work-up and an excellent precursor to allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment.

Prices (exc VAT)

Feline environmental screen £28.00
1 investigation panel £35.00
2 investigation panel £50.00
3 investigation panel £80.00

If you would like any further information about our FELINE ENVIRONMENTAL SCREEN, require a submission box or any other information call us on 0800 8494 550 or email