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PAW In Action!

LOLA PAW collageCelebrating PAW – Pet Allergy Week (6-12 June), is Lola [pictured] a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and patient of Milton Keynes based Willow Veterinary Group. The two year old who suffered alopecia, itching, pruritus, pyoderma and otitis externa from an early age is receiving immunotherapy following allergy testing, and has not looked back, says Willows VN, Stacey Armitt.

“After starting the treatment, Lola came off steroids and her overall body condition is much healthier. She is itching less and her skin is much less red. Some of her hair has also grown back,” explains Stacey.

“When Lola was first presented to us, skin scrapes were negative and steroids were only responsive for a short period. Targeted topicals and medication were used to try and control Lola’s worsening symptoms but it never cleared up. A sample was then taken and sent in for a SENSITEST® Complete Allergy Test and the results indicated raised antibodies to house dust mites, which went onto to be treated using allergen-specific immunotherapy,” she adds.

Lola’s owner, Aimee Holland, who has also implemented food and environment changes indicated by the test, is delighted and says that since starting the treatment, Lola no longer itches, her fur is growing back and her skin looks less red and angry. “She is a much happier and healthier dog. After trying everything, immunotherapy has given her a second chance to have a happy healthy life!” says Aimee.

The UK’s second PAW, June 6-12, is helping to raise awareness of allergies in cats and dogs. And a reminder for participating practises using pack materials from PAW organiser, Avacta Animal Health, that there is a prize for the best PAW waiting room display! Entries close 30th June. Also, discounted allergy tests in association with PAW will be accepted until 8th July says the company. To read Lola’s full case study click HERE



PAW logo 2016

From the 6th to 12th June 2016, we’re giving veterinary practices the opportunity to raise awareness of allergies in dogs and cats.

Is your practice set-up & ready?

– Have you put up your waiting room display?

– Have you filled up your leaflet holders?

– Do you have your discounted test stickers handy?

Discounted test stickers found in your PAW pack can be used right now & until the 8th July 2016.

The stickers entitle you to a significant saving on SENSITEST allergy tests;

– Complete Allergy Test for £125.00 (usual price £189.00)

– Complete+ Allergy Test for £155.00(usual price £279.00)

Just remember to attach a sticker to the submission form when you send in your test. If you need more stickers, just get in touch!

Please be sure to read the covering letter inside your PAW pack, which details;

HOW TO USE THE PAW PACK – We have a brand new design for this year’s waiting room display.

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR DISCOUNTED TEST – All registered practices will also be entitled to a substantial discount on all Complete and Complete+ canine and feline allergy tests submitted throughout the month of June. (Deadline 8th July)

HOW TO SUBMIT A TEST – The PAW pack will provide the tools for you to submit a blood sample.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS – Why not try and make the most of PAW this year by doing some of our ‘optional extras’, for example offering ‘free skin checks’ & ‘Discounted allergy tests’. Stickers promoting these ‘optional extras’ can be found in your PAW pack.

2016 Competition entry - Hawkedon & Homefield Vets Ltd

2016 Competition entry – Hawkedon & Homefield Vets Ltd

DON’T FORGET COMPETITION TIME – Be in with the chance to win a luxury hamper!

All practices who create a PAW waiting room display, can send us a picture of their hard work and the most creative display wins!

Its not too late to email a picture of your display and a member of your team, along with your practice details to

Also ….

Feel free to share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter & share it with us!

Proud sponsors of jerry green dog rescue newFor more information about PAW 2016, ask your local Territory Manager or contact Customer Services on 0800 8494 550

PAW Terms and Conditions: The deadline for sign- ups is Friday 6 May (one or two extra days will be given for postal forms/late arrivals). PAW packs will be delivered by the end of May. Discounted SENSITEST allergy test prices are only available to practices that have signed up to PAW and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. You will receive PAW discount stickers to attach onto your submission form which can be used until the 8th July 2016. Any submission forms without the PAW discount sticker will be charged at your standard rate. Please send a photo of your display, along with your practice details to in order to enter our competition for the best use of materials for a waiting room display. Photos to be received by Thursday 30 June to be eligible for the competition. The winner will be announced on our website and will receive a luxury hamper for their practice.

Charity Support Ahead of Pet Allergy Week (PAW)

The organiser of Pet Allergy Week (PAW), Avacta Animal Health, has announced it is to sponsor and provide ongoing free allergy testing to Yorkshire based, Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

The Gorgeous Husky, Eden (pictured) is clearly very proud and as excited as we are to get behind the campaign, says Jerry Green’s centre support officer, Emma Cook. “We’re all thrilled that the team at Avacta has chosen to help the dogs here at Jerry Green Rescue.

“Previously we could only afford to test dogs that had a real issue. The sponsorship means that we can now test any dog that we believe may have an allergy, which is great for the dogs and also good news for their future owners too.

“It’s great to have the dogs allergy tested and be able to know if there is an issue, and if so what allergies are detected. Food allergies are particularly important as in these cases it can help the dogs to get re-homed if the new owner know what foods to avoid, instead of thinking they will need to buy expensive food,” adds Emma.

Domino in his new homeThe first dog at the centre to receive the free SENSITEST allergy screening was Domino, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. “We received Domino’s allergy test results and found that he can only eat turkey, rabbit and fish. He improved a lot after switching his food to include just these meats, and has since been rehomed. His new owner is delighted with Domino and says he is settling in really well.”

The announcement comes ahead of the UK’s second PAW, June 6-12, which again aims to help veterinary practices raise awareness of allergies in cats and dogs. Avacta head of marketing, Joanne Soundy, says it’s important to create more opportunities for vets to examine pets whose owners may be unaware that they are suffering, and who may benefit from an allergy test followed by recommendations for appropriate treatment and management.

“Over 500 practices took part in the first PAW initiative in 2015, demonstrating that there is a real need for the campaign. We hope that by supporting Jerry Green we can help animals that need support but where funding can be difficult,” adds Joanne.

For more information on PAW and to help to raise awareness of dogs and cats with allergies and the benefits of allergy testing, please contact our customer services team o 0800 8494 550.

New Advances for UK Equine Allergy Testing

A new range of equine allergy tests developed using native plant allergen species to reflect the needs of UK and Northern European veterinary surgeons, has been launched by Avacta Animal Health. Using ELISA technology, the new SENSITEST equine allergy test is the only UK specific allergy test available to equine practitioners that uses non-invasive procedures, says Janice Hogg, Avacta senior veterinary director.

A horse with sweet itch with protective rugsIn the development trials, allergens were selected that showed significant levels of reactivity in horses with clinical signs compatible with allergic disease, says Janice. “Whilst many providers of allergy tests are reducing the number of allergens in their panels and providing only a global range of allergens, this research has shown it is vital to include native species of allergenic plants and insects.

A horse with hives“The new ELISA test, which includes allergens such as orchard grass, daisy, dandelion, nettle and horse chestnut, provides UK practitioners with a viable alternative to intradermal testing (IDT). It doesn’t require clipping and has no adverse reactions – ideal for clients who want to avoid this,” she adds.

The SENSITEST equine allergy test includes panels of allergens that cover the work up of food, respiratory and atopic allergic disease assisting in a more accurate diagnosis, treatment and management options, including allergen-specific immunotherapy. “It is not necessary to withdraw medications (except high dose corticosteroids) for the standardised procedure, which has excellent reproducibility and is not influenced by existing skin pathologies, all of which is really useful when working with equine clients,” adds Janice.

“To further assist equine practitioners, especially those faced with non-insured clients, the SENSITEST Equine Screening Test offers a simple positive/negative result to each panel, allowing expansion to the full panels as required to assist with treatment,” she concludes.

For more information contact your Avacta area territory manager or our customer services team on 0800 8494 550.

Interest in cPAN and nutraceuticals grows

Interest continues to grow in the development of a new canine pancreatitis test and a ‘Prescribed’ brand of nutraceuticals, reports Avacta Animal Health.

Visitors at the London Vet Show went to the Avacta stand to find out more about the Canine Pancreatitis (cPAN) test and sign up a for a free trial of the company’s veterinary exclusive new Natural VetCare ‘Prescribed’ brand of nutraceuticals.

Hayley Booth, Avacta’s commercial manager, said:

“We had an awful lot of enquiries and interest in the cPAN test and we’ve had many people sign up for our free trial of the Natural VetCare range which we have become distributor for.
We also now have a page on the Avacta website where you can sign up for our free trial of Natural VetCare so we are hoping even more from the profession will take advantage of this great offer.”

Avacta’s innovative and rapid new cPAN test is the only test for acute canine pancreatitis that has been validated against two separate gold standard methods; histology and blinded clinical assessment.

Utilising the same approach as Avacta’s canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT), cPAN works by using an algorithm to combine the serum levels of three biomarkers (amylase, lipase and alkaline phosphatise). Vets in practice will be given access to the algorithm via a website where they will obtain instant, easy to interpret results.

Since treatment for pancreatitis traditionally has required intensive intervention and hospitalisation, a rapid rule out test like cPAN represents a huge stride forward for the profession, said Avacta’s Hayley Booth.

“cPAN enables veterinary professionals to make rapid and reliable informed clinical decisions when confronted with the numerous common presentations encountered with pancreatitis.

It’s been optimised against clinical and histological confirmed cases of acute pancreatitis to provide optimal sensitivity and it also detects interstitial pancreatitis which is often missed by other methods. The test will be available in the first quarter of 2016.”

Many visitors to LVS signed up for a free full trial of Natural VetCare’s ‘Prescribed’ brand of nutraceuticals – premium veterinary exclusive supplements for cats and dogs.

Avacta has become distributor for the UK manufactured products which have been specially formulated for the British market and address some of the most common issues found in pets today such as skin problems, joint wear and tear and age related conditions.

Natural VetCare Prescribed will be available from March 2016, but Avacta Animal Health and Natural VetCare would like to invite vets to try some of the products on their own pets prior to launch, so that they can see the difference for themselves and, most importantly, so their pet can feel the difference.

If you would like to register to take part in Avacta’s free trial of these unique supplements please sign up at

For more information email or call 0800 8494 550.

Avacta Animal Health unveils exciting new developments at London Vet Show (LVS)

Visitors to next week’s London Vet Show (LVS) at Olympia (November 19 and 20) will have plenty of reasons to visit Avacta Animal Health’s stand N30.

Veterinary professionals will be offered a free complete trial of an exclusive new Natural Vet Care ‘Prescribed’ brand of nutraceuticals, be able to learn more about Avacta’s new canine pancreatitis (cPAN) test and its innovative new CYNO-Dial and FELI-DIAL test, set to transform pet allergy treatment in the UK.

Avacta will also be encouraging veterinary teams to join a webinar on the canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) and are sponsors of a Thailand Adventure competition.

Visitors have the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand with Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), worth £12,000, simply by visiting the Avacta stand and other sponsors’ stands and getting their ‘passport’ stamped.

Attendees of the show can also sign up for a free trial of Avacta’s exclusive new Natural Vet Care ‘Prescribed’ brand of nutraceuticals.

The company has become distributor for this range of premium supplements for cats and dogs which are manufactured in the UK.

Products have been specially formulated for the British market to address some of the most common issues found in pets today – skin problems, joint wear and tear and age related conditions.

LVS visitors can also find out more about the development of Avacta’s new canine pancreatitis (cPAN) test.

Developed to provide a rapid test for acute canine pancreatitis, cPAN is the only test for canine pancreatitis that has been validated against two separate gold standard methods; histology and blinded clinical assessment.

A unique and innovative new test set to transform pet allergy treatment in the UK will also feature on the Avacta stand.

Working in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics (France), Avacta’s CYNO-DIAL (dog test) and FELI-DIAL (cat test) dramatically reduces the time needed to help vets prescribe the most appropriate diets for an elimination trial.

Requiring only a simple blood sample, both tests featuring at LVS have been billed as the next step after Avacta’s SENSITEST® food allergy test and detect the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic proteins contained in the various veterinary prescribed diets tested, alongside the animals’ existing diet.

Avacta Animal Health’s commercial manager, Hayley Booth, said:

“The Avacta team are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand. The team behind Natural VetCare have over thirty years’ experience in animal nutraceuticals and we’d invite you to try any of their products so that you can see the difference for yourself, and most importantly your pet can feel the difference.”

“It’s an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to share news on all our fabulous new products as well as invite people to join Iain Grant for his webinar on cLBT.”

At the show Avacta will be highlighting a forthcoming prognosis webinar on the canine Lymphoma Blood Test (cLBT) with Iain Grant DipACVIM, the University of Glasgow, which takes place on Tuesday, December 1 at 7pm.

Iain will share insights and experience from first opinion practice on the test. Increasing use of cLBT is beginning to highlight new areas where the test can be helpful to both practitioners and clients.

During the webinar data and case studies will show how cLBT assists first opinion practitioners in their treatment and monitoring of lymphoma in dogs and can help keep clients well informed about the treatment and prognosis of lymphoma in their pet.

To sign-up for the webinar on December 1 follow the link:

Visitors to the London Vet Show on November 19 and 20 can visit Avacta Animal Health at stand N30.

For more information visit, email or call 0800 8494 550.

Innovative new test to transform UK pet allergy treatment

A unique and innovative new test set to transform pet allergy treatment in the UK has been unveiled by Avacta Animal Health in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics (France).

CYNO-DIAL® (dog test) and FELI-DIAL® (cat test) will dramatically reduce the time needed to help vets prescribe the most appropriate diets for an elimination trial, says Avacta, the team responsible for bringing the test to the UK.

The next step after Avacta’s SENSITEST® food allergy test, Cyno/Feli-Dial detects the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic proteins contained in the various veterinary prescribed diets tested, alongside the animals’ existing diet.

Requiring only a simple blood sample, the test allows veterinary teams to take a more precise approach, saving valuable time for the pet, the owner and the veterinary team involved.

The comparative analysis uses a Western blot technique that has been proven to be highly reliable and specific, based on 10 years of expertise in immunoallergology. Sample proteins are extracted, separated on a gel according to their molecular weight and then transferred to a membrane (blot), which is then incubated in the presence of serum. When raised levels of antibodies against these proteins are present, they bind to the corresponding protein and a specific band appears on the membrane.

Avacta Animal Health’s commercial manager, Hayley Booth, explained:

“Within just 15 days vets will receive precise recommendations on which diets will be tolerated by the pet and those results will clearly state which of the foods are ‘highly’, ‘low’ or ‘not sensitised’, therefore determining the most appropriate veterinary prescribed diet to favour during the elimination diet.”

She added: “Being able to offer this innovative and unique test that helps the vet advise which is the most suitable veterinary diet, will be hugely helpful for an elimination dietary trial, thus saving valuable time for both the pet and owner.”

The test assesses the following veterinary prescribed diets:

CYNO-DIAL® (Dog test)

  • Royal Canin Anallergenic
  • Hills Prescription Diet z/d
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Virbac Dermal Dog (duck and cassava)
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis FP (fish and potato)
  • Purina HA
    FELI-DIAL® (Cat test)

  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic
  • Purina HA
  • Hills z/d Low-Allergen
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis LB (lamb and barley)
  • Hills Science Plan Sensitive Skin

    “Not only does Cyno-Dial and Feli-Dial significantly reduce the length of food trials and dietary history methods, they provide vets with a better chance of reducing the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis and an adverse food reaction, preventing the risk of aggravating further occurrences,” explained Hayley.

    She added: “The SENSITEST® food allergy test and Cyno/Feli-Dial, provide the perfect partnership in identifying and managing food allergy, both for the identification of specific problem foods, the selection of veterinary prescribed diets for a dietary trial and long-term management.”

    “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics. We get a lot of queries following the SENSITEST® Food Test results, asking what the next steps should be.”

    “There hasn’t been anything like this available to vets in this country, so we are really excited that Cyno-Dial and Feli-Dial are exclusive to Avacta in the UK.”

    Vets will receive a submission form following a SENSITEST® food allergy test or they can contact Avacta’s Customer Services team to request one.

    On the submission form, vets are able to select up to four foods for assessment alongside the animals’ current diet.

    Vets will also need to include a 10-15g sample of the animal’s current food, along with the form and animals’ serum in a SENSITEST® submission box. This will be sent to Avacta Animal Health using a freepost envelope provided.

    For more information, visit the website, email or call 0800 8494 550.

    Pet Allergy Week article in Your Cat Magazine

    Avacta Animal Health’s Pet Allergy Week (PAW 8th- 14th June, 2015) is just around the corner!
    With PAW raising awareness all over the nation, Pet Allergy Week is in Your Cat Magazine, with a great article on why it is so important for veterinary practices and pet owners alike to be aware of dogs and cats with allergies.

    Read the full article here: