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Avacta Animal Health are proud to be working in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics (France) to offer Cyno-Dial® and Feli-Dial®; an innovative, unique test that assists in the selection of a veterinary prescribed diet for an elimination dietary trial.

CynoFeli Dial - dogandcatThe next step after a SENSITEST® food allergy test, the Cyno/Feli-Dial detects the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic proteins contained in the various veterinary prescribed diets tested alongside the animals’ existing diet. The comparative analysis uses a Western blot technique that has proven to be highly reliable and specific, based on 10 years of expertise in immunoallergology.

Tests are conducted with a simple blood sample and are quick and easy to interpret. Within 15 days, you will receive precise recommendations on which diets will be tolerated by the animal and your results will clearly state which of the foods are ‘sensitised’ or ‘not sensitised’, therefore determining the most appropriate veterinary prescribed diet to favour during the elimination diet. This significantly reduces the 10-12 week food trial and dietary history methods, with a better chance of reducing the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis and an adverse food reaction, preventing the risk of aggravating further occurrences.

The SENSITEST® food allergy test and Cyno/Feli-Dial, provide the perfect partnership in identifying and managing food allergy, both for the identification of specific problem foods, the selection of veterinary prescribed diets for a dietary trial and long-term management.


Which veterinary prescribed diets does the test assess?



  • Royal Canin Anallergenic
  • Hills Prescription Diet z/d
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Virbac Dermal Dog (duck and cassava)
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis FP (fish and potato)
  • Purina HA


  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic
  • Purina HA (control food
  • Hills z/d Low-Allergen
  • James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice
  • Eukanuba Dermatosis LB (lamb and barley)
  • Hills Science Plan Sensitive Skin

NB. Other diets/treats can also be assessed – please contact our Customer Services team for a fully comprehensive list.


How do I get the test?

  • A submission form will be provided following a SENSITEST® food allergy test or contact our Customer Services team to request one.
  • Complete the submission form, indicating which foods you want to assess alongside the animal’s current food.
  • Include a 10-15g sample of the animals’ current food, along with the completed submission form and animals’ serum in a SENSITEST® submission box. Please note we may already have the animal’s food on our database or remaining serum from your SENSITEST® allergy test – please check with our Customer Services team.
  • Send to Avacta Animal Health using the freepost envelope provided within the submission box.

For more information, please contact Customer Services on 0800 8494 550 or email