Adverse food reactions may accompany atopic dermatitis, therefore it is advisable to undertake a strict dietary trial first. Eliminate any other causes of pruritus for example fleas, parasitic, bacterial and yeast infections. Avoidance where possible of positive indoor/outdoor allergens. If no or partial response is seen, then an allergen–specific immunotherapy treatment may read more >>


Select an appropriate diet based on the positive IgE and IgG scores which avoids the problem foods. This should also include removing any treats and snacks that contain any offending foods read more >>

Malassezia, Sarcoptes and Staphylococcus

Avacta Animal Health are able to provide guidance on therapies for secondary infections where appropriate read more >>


Avacta Animal Health are proud to be working in partnership with Galileo Diagnostics (France) to offer Cyno-Dial® and Feli-Dial®; an innovative, unique test that assists in the selection of a veterinary prescribed diet for an elimination dietary trial. read more >>